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Aspose .NET ImageAttach

Aspose .NET ImageAttach is an open source add-on to be used with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This add-on provide functionality to add images to a record and view them on the main form. Aspose .NET ImageAttach can be used with CRM on-premises as well as CRM Online.
Major features of this add-on are:
  • Silverlight web-resource that can be added to any entity.
  • Allow functionality to upload any type of image.
  • Allow functionality to upload multiple images on the entity.
  • Remove/Replace the images anytime.

Downloading Aspose .NET ImageAttach

The addon is provided in the form of a solution. You can download the latest solution from:

Installing Aspose .NET ImageAttach

  • Download the Solution File.
  • Open CRM and go to Import Solution.
  • Click Browse and select the downloaded solution file and click next.
  • Click next and wait for the solution to import.
  • Click close when the solution is imported successfully.
  • Publish Customizations.

Configuring Aspose .NET ImageAttach

Use the Aspose Configuration Entity to configure your Aspose .NET ImageAttach. This is Optional to use the Extended features of Aspose .NET ImageAttach.
  • Open Aspose Configurations in Advance Find.
  • Click New and Create the following entries:
  • SaveToEntity:
    • 0=Do not save the Image in Entity Notes
    • 1= Save the Image in Entity Notes. (Default Option)
  • LicenseWebResourceName:
    • Webresource Name where the License Xml is Stored. (Default=Aspose_License.lic, included in the solution)

Using Aspose .NET ImageAttach

  • Select Entity where you want to place Aspose .NET ImageAttach and Go to Customize Form.
  • Click Insert => Webresources.
  • Select Web resource as “Aspose_ImageAttach.xap” and Give a Name to the resource.
  • Please ensure that “Pass record object-type code and unique identifier as parameters.” Checkbox is selected.
  • Custom Parameter: If you are using multiple images on save form, then use this parameter to differentiate them by providing different names as shown in the image. If only one image web resource is used on the form then you can leave it blank.
  • Save and Publish Customization.
  • Open the Entity and use the web resource to Upload/Replace/Remove Image.


Please check this video to see it in action.

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